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Everyday geography

Every house and garden is unique, but how well do you really know your own space? Take a break from the screen every day with a quick 'treasure' hunt. Some ideas to get started include:


  • Make an A-Z of items, features or feelings from around the house
  • Find the best nine hiding places for hide-and-seek
  • Taking just seven minutes, visit your favourite seven spots in the house and write seven words to describe each spot
  • Contrasting colours: time how long it takes to find 11 red items and then time how long to find 11 grey items. Which was faster?
  • List nine things that you can only touch if on tip-toes or all fours
  • Find the least number of straight lines you need to walk across a room. Compare this in each room
  • Find 13 items to build a den: the ‘door’ must face North
  • Locate nine items that have a connection: describe that connection in exactly 14 words
  • Skim through any books you have to find as many place names as you can in eight minutes
  • Find places that a mouse could enter but a cat couldn’t: How many can you find in seven minutes?
  • What if a giant visited your house? Find spaces and items that they would find tricky to access or use.

Oddizzi challenges

Take a look at the online Geography quizzes and challenges.

Follow the link:

Username: homeschool
Password: oddizzi


Half term Geography 'Around the World' activities