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Maths Games

Maths games: How to play Duel

Want a quick to learn game that can be used to practise lots of different areas of maths (including time tables) and is fun at the same time? Duel is the answer. Sometimes known as War, Duel can focus on place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, fractions and lots more.

Maths games: Developing number sense games

This is an excellent collection of fun KS1 games - all targeted to improve children's number sense.

Maths games: Multiplication collection

This video contains three maths games; two are great for practising times table facts and the third is more challenging.

Maths games: One more, one less.

This game is great for Reception and KS1 children.

This is a tug of war style game where children get the chance to explore adding one more and finding one less to a range of numbers. But it is much more than that- they also get the chance to explore number magnitude, order of numbers and practise lots and lots of vocabulary.

Maths games: Clock patience

This game is an adaption of an all time classic!
It is the perfect game to help children learn to tell the time - which we all know they need to practice over and over again.

Maths games: Race to 100

This is a very popular game which also goes by the name of the Banker's game. It is excellent at supporting pupils in understanding place value and regrouping. The game is ideal preparation for pupils just about to start, or are struggling with, formal addition.

How to do your times tables on your fingers x 6, x 7, x 8, x 9.

This game uses a trick to help with remembering the 6, 7, 8 and 9 times tables. These can be the most challenging of the tables for children to learn, so this provides a quick way for them to check if they have recalled the correct answer. Rubber gloves are optional.

Maths games:Bank the difference

This a great game to play to help with: ordering and comparing numbers, comparison model of subtraction and calculating the difference.

Maths games: All Change Multiplication

A brand new Times table game! All change multiplication is a simple, fun and thought provoking game to help children rehearse their multiplication and division facts.

Maths Game: Race to Twenty

Race to twenty is a fantastic game for KS1 pupils. It helps children improve their understanding of number bonds and addition of single digit numbers up to 20.
It can be easily adapted for KS2, by changing the value of the individual counters to 100, 0.1 or 0.01 and racing to 200, 2 or 0.2 respectfully.

All you need is paper, pen/pencil, a die and something to act as counters - in the video we use double sided counters - but you could use anything (counters/lego pieces etc) but it is important that two different colours are used.

Maths Game: Digit placement

How close can you get to the target number?

This is really fun game for KS2 pupils, focusing on place value, decimals and rounding. It can be easily adapted for pupils from Yr3 to Yr6.
Despite the simplicity of the rules, there are loads of opportunities for pupils to apply other mathematical skills and through careful questioning, as shown by Gill in this video, they can be encouraged to apply other mathematics skills without them even realising it.

Maths game: Regroupy

Regroupy is a great game to practice column addition.
It can be played with 4 digit by 4 digit as shown here, but also could be 3 digit by 3 digit or even decimals.
The aim is to collect as many tokens as possible. You win tokens by rearranging your cards to maximise number of regroups (exchanges) - 2 tokens per regroup - and also by getting the greatest total amongst all who are playing - 1 token.

Maths game: Risky

Risky is great fun. How brave are you? Dare you turn over another card, or are you going to play it safe and bank what you already have?

It is suitable for all children from yr 2 upwards, but can be simplified for younger children. Simply put, the aim of the game is to get to hundred before your friend. You do this by turning cards over and adding them to your running total. You can stop and 'Bank' at anytime -play passes to your friend - but be warned - if you turn over a king or ace, you lose what you have acquired in that mini go and go back to any previously banked total - if you have one.

Maths Game: Crooked Rules

Crooked rules is a simple maths game which allows pupils to rehearse place value in a fun way. All you need is a die, pencil, paper and a friend. This game came be adapted for different year groups, but if you're up for a challenge - play closest to... let the games begin.

Maths Game: The remainder game

The title really says it all - this game is a fun way to explore what happens in division. The video supports children to use the correct mathematical vocabulary including Quotient - the number in each group (when sharing) or the number of groups (when grouping) and
Remainder - how many left that aren't in a group.

Games to Practise Times Tables