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Coronavirus update

We continue to receive updated information and advice from the Department for Education on a daily basis and will keep you informed with any information of relevance. Further information on the most up-to-date advice on coronavirus can be found at


The staff and pupils are all being more vigilant about hygiene as this remains the best way to reduce the chances of spreading any virus. The measures we have put in place are as follows:

  • Children have been given guidance as to how to wash their hands thoroughly
  • Additional soap has been provided in each classroom
  • Teachers are supervising handwashing in the classrooms before break and before lunch (the younger children singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and the older children singing The National Anthem!)
  • Children have been reminded about thorough handwashing after using the toilet
  • Children have been reminded to sneeze or cough into a tissue, bin it and wash their hands - ‘Catch it, Kill it, Bin it’
  • Children have been reminded not to touch their face and eyes unless they’ve just washed their hands
  • We have spoken to our cleaning company who have confirmed that they are washing all communal handles, light switches, toilet flushers etc with anti-bacterial solution on a daily basis
  • There are posters at the school entrances to remind visitors of the procedures to follow


We are able to contact the Local Authority for guidance should we have any specific queries, particularly regarding the appropriate procedures to follow after travel from abroad.


The situation is being monitoring closely and we will keep parents informed if any further actions become necessary. 


Thank you for your ongoing support as we do all we can to minimise the risk to children, families and staff in our community.