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Reach out for Refugees Day

Along with over 20 local primary schools, St Michael’s took part in ‘Reach out for Refugees Day’ on Monday 21 March to show support for all refugees.


Yellow and blue

The children were invited to come into school wearing a blue or yellow accessory, to show particular empathy for those fleeing their homes in Ukraine.  We saw an array of socks, hats, scarves, hair bands, wrist bands and even some coats and bags.


Assembly on sharing

During assembly, the children were given information about refugees and completed an activity called, ‘What would you take?’ to help them to empathise with those who, for various reasons, have had to leave their homes. We listened to the Bible story, ‘The feeding of the 5000’ and learned about how Jesus was able to feed a crowd of people because one young boy was prepared to share what he had. We joined together to sing, ‘Here I am, Lord’ as a commitment to show kindness and help to others.


Visual reminder on the school gates

The children tied yellow and blue ribbons to the school railings as a visual reminder of those who are currently experiencing incredibly challenging times.


Thank you to everybody who helped to make the day so successful.  It sends a strong message to the children about how much of a difference we can make when we all pull together.