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Saltmine Theatre Group

The children enjoyed a visit from the Saltmine Theatre company, a professional theatre company and Christian charity.  This company deliver creative performances and interactive workshops in schools throughout the UK.  Their production for St Michael’s was called ‘The Gardeners’ Tale’.


‘It was a fun way to learn about the Easter story’
‘I found out the answers to some of the puzzling things we made a list of in class’

'I liked how they linked the story of Jesus with a garden'

'I liked everything about it!'

'I liked how creative it was'

Football Match v Camp Primary School

The St Michael’s football team recently played a home match against Camp Primary School with St Michael’s winning 7-1.


“We worked really well as a team”

"As a team, we passed well"

"The match was challenging and we played our best"

"They beat us last time and we came back and won this time. An unexpected victory!"


Reception Class - Trip to Paradise Wildlife Park

‘I think it was your school who were at Paradise Park today. I just wanted to say how wonderful your children and staff are and how well they represent your school. They were so well behaved and the adults were just lovely with the children.’
(A member of the public visiting the park at the same time)


‘A big thank you to Mrs Claridge and all the team who went on the trip yesterday, Charlotte had an absolutely wonderful day! She said it was, ‘The best day ever!’
It’s been lovely hearing about the fun they had and things they saw, such a super treat.
Thank you’

(Jacqueline and Alec, parents from Reception class)

Year 3 - Trip to the Synagogue

Year 3 recently visited the St Albans Masorti to enrich their knowledge and understanding of the Jewish religion.

‘I liked when Rabbi Adam blew the horn. To celebrate the Jewish New Year, they blow it 100 times!’

‘I liked the sound Rabbi Adam made when he read the Torah. He was singing and talking.’

‘I liked the jingle bells.’ (found on the Torah)

‘I enjoyed looking at the translations in the prayer books.’

‘I enjoyed learning about another faith.’

‘I noticed the Torah was written in Hebrew and it didn’t have any punctuation.’

‘I liked looking at the yad. It was donated by another synagogue.’

‘I enjoyed looking and listening about the Jewish faith. The Torah was fascinating!’

Year 2 trip to Kidzania

Year 2 had a fantastic day out at Kidzania. They were able to experience what it would be like to have a job and earn their own money! They especially enjoyed being in the police force, fire brigade, special services and paramedics as well at trying out jobs in the supermarket, courier company, the bank, television and radio station and even being an aeroplane pilot!