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Religious Education 


Vision for Religious Education

Our aim in Religious Education is for all children to have lives enriched by spirituality and a respect for people who hold different views (see Curriculum Driver 3: Creativity - Culture and Enrichment, and Curriculum Driver 4: Exploration - Adventure and Discovery)


The vision is achieved by:

  • A curriculum that helps children to learn from religion as well as about religion
  •  A curriculum that enables children to investigate and reflect, building on their own spirituality, knowledge and understanding
  •  A curriculum that teaches respect for the views of others

'Pupils are skilled in expressing spiritual ideas' 'Children gave impressive responses for their age, making links to Islam as well as Christianity.'

(SIAMS report January 2020)


'The children clearly enjoy discussing the 'big questions' in their lessons and were keen to share that information with me during the pupil interviews.'

(RE Quality Mark – Gold Award July 2019)


Religious Homework

Each half term we celebrate a different school value.  The children are encouraged to share a bible story with their family linked to our value and then complete a creative art or written activity.



In Religious Education we use Knowledge Organisers to support our learning


What is a knowledge organiser?

Knowledge organisers are books that set out the important, useful and powerful knowledge of a single topic on one page.  They contain the key facts or concepts for each topic being studied.